Elf Scavenger Hunt


T-Bone the elf is making a return to the store this holiday season and we need your help keeping track of him.

Customers will have the opportunity to win a prizes for their help!

Elf Hunt will start November 28th and conclude December 22nd

T-Bone will be in a new hiding place starting Monday of every week. Hunters will have until closing time Saturday to locate him and receive their stamp.

With your help, we will be able to fill out the chart below with T-Bone's location.

November 28 - December 3rd: Fishing on the dairy aisle

December 5th - 10th: Hanging on the sign on aisle 5

December 12th - 17th:

December 19th - 22nd:

How it works:

Customers will get their punch card at Register 1 starting the first week of the hunt.

Each week, customers have the chance to come in and locate T-Bone.

Tell a cashier the location to recieve a stamp on your punch card.

Punch cards will be turned in to a cashier when the hunt is over: December 22nd 2022

A drawing will be held, December 23rd, to determine the winner of the following prizes:

Boys Gift Basket ~$30 value

Grils Gift Basket ~$30 value

Adult Gift Basket ~$50 value

Commonly asked questions:

Do I have to collect all 4 stamps to win the prize?

No! We understand that people are busy and might not get the chance to come in and hunt for T-Bone each week. However, when we do the drawing, only cards with a minimum 3 stamps will be rewarded the baskets.

If we have a boy and girl in our family, can we enter for both baskets?

Yes! If you have multiple children, just let us know when you are picking up your punch cards.

Can I play if I have a relative working at the store?

Yes and No.Employees are not permitted to hunt for T-Bone. This includes employee's children, as they have an unfair advantage. However, relatives outside the immediate family of employees are allowed to participate!