History from the beginning

Opening the doors

1927March 17, the doors to the meat market officially opened. John August Fisher and Joseph W. Fisher, along with Walter Pulter and O.J. Huchton founded the new business. During this time, the economy was booming from the oil discoveries. With the arrival of many new families, the demand for meat needed to be met.  At this time, sales consisted of cured meats and fresh beef slaughtered and dressed the day before. As you may recall, refrigeration was not available back then. Sunday was always a busy day for the market. People would travel into Muenster for Church services and before leaving, stop at the market for fresh beef. The business continued to thrive for a few years until the great depression left the owners wondering if the business would survive.

Surviving the Depression

Proud Muenster Heritage

2005In June of 1976, founder John A. Fisher died. Joe Fisher continued to visit the store daily until his death on Dec.9, 1988. On October 1, 2005, John C. Fischer sold his interest in Fischer's to Steven Fisher (Butch's son).

Fischer's Meat Market is a third-generation family business with both old-fashioned know-how (all of our meat is still hand-trimmed) and state-of–the-art modern technology. We are happy to be a part of the Muenster Community and to serve each one of our customers with the best quality meat products around. We strive to continue providing you with the German hospitality that began in 1927.

Secret blends of spices handed down through generations of Fishers dating back to 1927.