Glockenspiel the only German Style in Texas

A truely Bavarian clock tower . . .

The picture to the left displays what is called a Glockenspiel. This is the only known glockenspiel in the state of Texas and there are only three or four known in the United States.

The dictionary defines a Glockenspiel as a percussion-type instrument played with a hammer or mallet. Often a Glockenspiel is an ethnic celebration honoring the people of the world through a presentation of music, bells, animated figures and a clock.

Our Glockenspiel consists of the playing of traditional German celebration music and the rotation of seven animated characters. Fischer's Glockenspiel is played during operating hours, every hour on the hour.

The Glockenspiel is designed with seven traditional figures:
Sausage man | Milkmaid | Cow | Fraulien | Dancers | Bear | King

This Glockenspiel represents the kind-hearted, hard working attitude of Fischer's Meat Market and the beautiful town of Muenster.

Our Glockenspiel is a great attraction to our small German-oriented North Texas town. The owners at the time, Johnny and Butch Fisher, visited other cities to get some ideas for their Glockenspiel. It took several years of research and preparation before construction.