Fischer's Products we offer several varieties of sausages and cheeses

Additional Fully Cooked Products

  • Liver Sausage
  • Braunschweiger
  • Summer Sausage
  • Jalapeno Cheese Summer Sausage
  • Stuffed Bacon
  • Seasoned & Smoked Ribs
  • Bologna
  • Cooked Salami
  • Hard Salami

Fischer's Homemade Products

We offer a variety of items that we make here on the premises.

  • Fischer's Chicken Salad
  • Fischer's Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers
  • Fischer's Stuffed Mini-Sweet Peppers
  • Fischer's BBQ Rub
  • Fischer's BBQ Sauce
  • Fischer's German Potato Salad
  • Fischer's Sauerkraut