Egg Hunt


The Easter Bunny is coming to Fischer's!

Customers will have the opportunity to win prizes all day Saturday, April 8th!

Eggs will be hidden throughout the store on Saturday, April 8th.

Eggs will contain candy, as well as exciting prizes such as:

A free carton of Blue Bell ice cream

A free youth t-shirt

A free pound of hamburger meat

And so much more!

How it works:

Eggs will be hidden around the store a couple times throughout the day.

If a customer stumbles apon them while they are shopping. They can keep the contents of the eggs.

Any large prize eggs can be redeemed at the regester for a week after being found.

Happy Hunting!

Commonly asked questions:

Is there a certain time that the event will start?

No! Eggs will be placed randomly throughout the day. There is no start and stop time on the fun.

Is there a limit on how many prize eggs we can collect?

Yes! There will only be one prize egg hidden in the store at a time. This will still provide a chance for the later shoppers to find a prize egg.

Can I save the coupon from the prize egg if I dont want to redeem it on the day of?

Yes!The coupons will be stamped with an expiration date. Coupons will be viable up to 7 days after the hunt cas been concluded.